Mona Searles, Portland Acupuncturist, Searles Wellness

For Wellness Professionals

Do you find yourself perplexed when diagnosing your patients' skin problems? Despite years of clinical practice do you still question your diagnosis when a patient's skin problem doesn't clear? Do you find yourself worrying whether changing moles are "melanoma," or just benign seborrheic keratoses? You're not alone; skin conditions are puzzling even for the most experienced health care provider, but I have a solution. I am offering to collaborate with you on caring for your patients' skin.

I am a Nurse Practitioner with 29 years of experience, 14 of those years focused on Dermatology, as well as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I provide expert assessment of skin problems, including, when needed, biopsies, microscopic evaluations, laboratory testing, and photographs. Prescriptions and order lab tests for patients of "non prescribing health care providers" are also available. I am on many insurance panels and offer cash discounts (paid at the time of the appointment):

  • First visit $120, follow ups $75.
  • Nurse practitioner examinations: skin exam $75 procedures extra, Cryotherapy for keratosis or warts $100, medication refills First visit $150-$120, follow-up: $75
  • Combination of a Nurse Practitioner visit and Acupuncture additional $45 charge.

For each of your patients that I treat, a written consultation report will be provided for your records. You can rest assured that unless you specifically want me to provide ongoing care, your patient will be sent back to you. Only those conditions you ask me to evaluate will be addressed. I will contact you directly if other health issues come to my attention.

I believe that together we can establish a cooperative rapport to provide enhanced treatment plans for your patients, and ease your case load.

To summarize the services, I offer:

  • Complete Skin evaluations
  • Mole Mapping, Skin Cancer follow-up
  • Small surgical procedures: skin biopsies, mole and tag removal
  • Cryotherapy for sun damaged skin and warts
  • Acne / Rosacea care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of persistent itchy skin conditions
  • Associated with chemotherapy, chronic liver, renal disease and pregnancy
  • Prescriptions for herbal and prescriptive medications

I look for forward to a fruitful, collaborative working relationship with you. Please call me at (503) 943-9842 for any more information, or to discuss any dermatological questions you may have. You can also reach me via email at