Mona Searles, Portland Acupuncturist, Searles Wellness


Hundreds of patients have been helped with stubborn skin conditions such as seborrhea in HIV population, severe psoriasis, itching associated with Hepatitis C, atopic dermatitis, and many other hard-to-treat conditions. Read on for testimonials from clients.

"Mona, I am so thankful to you for your treatment of my daughter. As you know, she has decided to attend school in California. Your sessions really opened her to the idea, and I credit your expertise and skills. Part of me is disappointed that you won't be able to give her more treatments when she leaves town, but I will encourage her to return to you when she's in Portland. I'll also recommend you to friends. Again, thank you." – Michelle, Portland

"Mona is gifted in her use of acupuncture. She has greatly improved the problems I previously experienced with shoulder and hip pain, as well as my overall health. I appreciate her considerable knowledge and experience both of Western and Chinese medicine, and the gentle and caring way that she applies this knowledge in her practice." – S.L.- elementary school teacher

"I literally owe my life to Mona. During a routine treatment she noticed a small irregular-looking mole on my back. She recommended that I have a biopsy done. I forgot, but six months later she remembered. "What did you find out about that mole?" I went to the doctor soonafter, and learned I had melanoma." – D.J., Portland

If you would like to discuss how acupuncture treatment can help your condition, please call me at (503) 943-9842. You can also reach me via email at Intake forms for new patients are available on my Contact page.