Mona Searles, Portland Acupuncturist, Searles Wellness


My belief is that everyone's healing process is part of a deeper journey in self actualization. I want each of my patients to feel better, live pain free lives but also to achieve life style changes that promote each individual's sense of truth and authenticity.

In the process of healing, I work with each patient to find the best approaches to promote vitality, physical health, flexibility, strength, personal integrity and self awareness. I try to see each patient uniquely and take the time to listen and evaluate your health concerns. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe in my office.

Although health issues and personal changes can change quickly with just a few sessions, I wish to establish a continuity of care which could establish a focus of optimal health through the stresses of aging and illness.

I wish to encourage integration of many modalities of healing especially: "western" biomedical, herbal medicine, nutrition, naturopathy, movement arts, Qi Gong, psychotherapy, intuitive medicine, and meditation. Please see Education and Credentials.

If you would like to discuss how acupuncture treatment can help your condition, please call me at (503) 943-9842. You can also reach me via email at

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